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A long time ago, on a map of the galaxy far, far away....

This page is about a map I made of the galaxy far, far away.... which is the setting of the Star Wars movies, books, and games. You can download the map at the download section, but please don't hotlink any of the maps. The pdf version has the best quality and allows full-text search by pressing ctrl-f, very useful. Feel free to print the map for non-commercial use. You can adapt it if you like, just let me know if you do. Enjoy!

How the map was created

The map is an adaptation of Eric "cartographer" Przybylski's map that used to be hosted at It started with changing the colors to suit my preferences, but I noticed the star systems that are first mentioned in Star Wars Episode III (such as Utapau, Mustafar, and Felucia) were not on the map. I decided that starting over by tracing the jpg and turning it into a vector image would be a better idea than just adding the names to the jpg version of the map. This would enable me to search for a star system with a pdf viewer. Then I discovered Modi's fabulous galaxy map (do visit his website at, which appeared to be much more consistent with the movies, and the expanded universe, and it contained many more systems. I decided to include all those star systems too, and to use the consistent placement of the systems in Modi's map, while keeping the beautiful isometric projection of the navcomputer map. First I copied everything from the navcomputer map, then I copied all the star systems from Modi's map. Then I adapted the coordinate grid from Modi's map to my map, and straightened it out, by moving some of the star systems and region borders. Finally, I copied all existing detail maps from navcomputer, and Modi's maps, and created an index for the map.

Contents of this version

The map consists of three pages.

  1. The first page contains an overview map of the entire galaxy.
  2. The second page contains fourteen magnifications of areas on the overview map.
  3. The third page contains an index of all star systems on the first and second page.
    Each star system is listed with a reference to an overview map coordinate which consists of a letter and a number. Roman numbers refer to a magnified area on page two that contains the star system.
    For instance, "Bespin K25, XII", means that the Bespin system can be found in the square in column K, row 25, and in magnified area number XII.

The current version of my map contains all the star systems from Modi's galaxy map (april 2007), all systems from Eric "cartographer" Przybylski's map (april 2006, before the website went down), and some systems that appear on the Dark Horse Comics map (april 2007). All systems on the Dark Horse Comics map will be included in the next version. The original Dark Horse map can be found at Most of the sectors and star clusters included in this version of the map come from the navcomputer map. The Imperial Remnant comes from Modi's map. Modi's map includes many more sectors. I decided not to include most of these sectors for esthetical reasons. Every section of the grid corresponds to 1500 parsecs of the galaxy. The map is a isometric projection of a flattened version of the galaxy. In "reality" (obviously we're talking about fantasy here and not reality, but oh well) the core of the galaxy would be a bulge. This map displays all star systems projected onto the middle plane of the galaxy disk. (There is no data on the "vertical" coordinates of the star systems, so even if I wanted to include it I wouldn't be able to.) The map represents the Galaxy 19 ABY, directly after the Galactic Civil War.

If you have any comments, please contact me at wrvh at xs4all dot nl. If you think something is wrong or missing on the map, please send me evidence (for example, snippets of text from books, or points in the movies) that show this. If you want to change the map or print it for some other reason than personal use, please let me know.

Map preview

Move your mouse over the pages to preview the pages. Click on the pages to zoom in. The first page can be viewed in great detail by clicking on parts of the map.

Download the Map of the Galaxy far, far away...

Download the full version of the map including magnifications and index in PDF format: page 1, 2, and 3 (1.8MB) (recommended)
Download only the overview map page in JPG format: page 1 (1.4MB)
Download only the magnifications page in JPG format: page 2 (1.1MB)
Download only the index page in JPG format: page 3 (1.6MB)
If you want to link to any of the maps, please host your own copy, or link to this page.


This webpage is about a map of the fictional galaxy that is the setting of the Star Wars movies, books, comics and games. The map is a completely unofficial, fan-based document and is intended for the non-commercial use.
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It may be copied and distributed freely and it may be changed, as long as the original author is credited, and as long as the result can also be freely distributed.
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You can contact me at wrvh at xs4all dot nl.

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